Gather your family and head outside to look at the stars! (Don’t forget the bug spray!)

This coming Sunday, Grace Life Kids will look at the story of Abraham from Genesis 15. Wether you attend Grace Life or not, this guide can be used anytime you see stars to help start a spiritual conversation with your kids.

Hopefully, the stars are visible where you are. If not, try using this app: Night Sky or SkyView Lite

(The app will help you see planets that are not visible to the naked eye in the city as well!)

Ask your kid(s): How many stars do you think there are? See if you can count them. 

In the Bible, God asked Abraham that same question. Abraham came to the same conclusion we did – TOO MANY TO COUNT! 

Abraham was 99 years old and he didn’t have any kids. Most people have kids at a much younger age. God promised Abraham’s family would number more that the stars in the sky! That was an incredible promise for God to make: that his family would be so large! 

Do you feel like God has promised you anything?

(Adults, you share first.)

God also told Abraham, his family would be a blessing too many. Abraham probably didn’t know exactly what God meant by that BUT we do today! 

One of Abraham’s great-great-great grandchildren is JESUS! 

“So Abraham trusted what God said more that what His eyes could see. And he believed.” 

(The Jesus Storybook Bible, pg. 59)

God keeps HIS promises! Even when the promise sounds out of this world! 

The Bible says, Abraham trusted God. 

How do you know you can trust God? (Adults: You share first.)

As your family admires the stars together – take a pic – to remember the moment. If you share on social media, please tag Grace Life Kids so we can enjoy with you.  

Author: Emily Soule

Family Ministries Director ( or 225.769.8844 ext.106.) Emily has been serving at GLF for the past 12 years: 5 of those years as the Youth Director and 3 as the Family Ministries Director. She has been married to her husband Scott for 13 years and they have three beautiful daughters. She likes to read, and find a good deal at TJ Maxx!