This is a four part series that was recorded on Sunday mornings at Grace Life Fellowship. Listen in as Juan and Kyndal Jacoby, along with Jervey and Tracey Cheveallier discuss the topic of raising boys.

Week One: Do I have what it takes?

Listen in to Week 1 here:

Listen in to Week 2 here:

Listen in to Week 3 here:

Listen in to Week 4 here:

Author: Kyndal Jacoby

Kyndal has been a member of GLF for the past 17 years. She served as a volunteer youth leader for 10 years and has been on the GLF staff for the past 8 years. Her and her husband Juan have been married for 12 years and have 3 delightful and active boys! Kyndal is also a licensed counselor and has the privilege of walking with others through life’s ups and downs in her full-time private practice. When she isn’t enjoying her family or her work, she loves to relax with friends, try new restaurants, and organize and decorate her home. Connect with her: